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The LifeConnect® Partnership.

Our approach to total well-being.

Through the LifeConnect® Wellness Partnership at Covenant Living of Turlock, our residents have the opportunity to pursue their unique passions and interests on their journey to enhanced wellness. The variety of resources, activities, and programs within each community is completely customizable and allows residents to focus their time and energy on what means most to them, while also giving them the opportunity to explore new things.

When a resident joins our community, the Resident Life Director conducts a LifeConnect interview to learn more about the individual. After the interview, the Resident Life Director is able to inform the resident of activities and clubs that might fit his or her interests and hobbies, like wellness clubs, volunteering programs, continued education, and more.

One of the most important parts of what makes LifeConnect work so well is that each individual is in control of his or her journey to enhanced wellness. After all, no two people are the same. We recognize individuality and the need to take different paths when it comes to optimizing personal health and vitality.

Together in Wellness

Blue cross emblem


Growth in loving relationship with God, self, others and the environment through enjoyment, service and grace.



Steady pursuit of educational and contemplative simulation with the goal of keeping an active mind.

Red Heart


Engagement in thoughtful practice and nurture of personal emotions, feelings, and responses to others.


Exploration of occupational and personal pursuits in work and service.

Chat boxes


Engagement with an inclusive and intentional community woven together with foundations of love and compassion.

Green leaf


Living a chosen lifestyle as stewards and caretakers of creation through relationship and respect.

Tennis shoe


Participation in balanced rhythms of daily movement, rest, nutrition, and hygiene.

Dollar Sign


Intentional stewardship of monetary and physical assets to bless and create quality of life.

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